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      Grave markers missing from Flint cemetery

      Bronze grave marker stolen from Gracelawn Cemetery.

      Residents are shocked after finding out at least ten bronze grave markers are missing from Gracelawn Cemetery in Flint.

      It's a peaceful place of remembrance.

      50 acres in Flint dedicated to those who have passed on.

      The markers and headstones mean a great deal to those who put them there.

      " T hese are our memories. This is all we have left , " said Romonica Hampton who was visiting the ceremony.

      S o it came as a surprise to cemetery manager, Ted Jordan, that someone would take something of such value.

      " P eople could still be grieving and when they come out and to see this, it's disgusting , " said Jordan.

      On April 22, J ordan noticed a bronze grave marker was missing.

      S ince then , he's noticed nine more of the heavy, bronze memorials plates are gone.

      To him, it's personal.

      " T he person who came in and did what they did, they came into my yard , " said Jordan.

      To the families who have loved ones buried at Gracelawn Cemetery, it's hard to believe.

      "W hen they come out and see that the markers are gone , are missing it's an emotional thing for the families , " he said.

      Romonica H ampton often visits her brother's and father's gravesites.

      She's emotional at the thought of someone taking that away from her.

      " I t's hard enough to pay for a headstone and then for someone to come out and destroy it, oh I can not ," said Hampton.

      Jordan thinks the suspects are selling the bronze at scrap yards.

      "I think not only the person who's stealing markers but scrap yards themselves need to be dealt with if this ever comes to light."

      And Jordan thinks, it will.

      " W hat goes on in the dark always comes out in the light. It's just a matter of time."

      A police report has been filed in Flint.

      More officers have been patrolling the area.