Grilled Pizza

Putting fresh basil and mozzarella cheese on the pizza / Mark Torregrossa

There TMs two seasons in the NBC 25/Farm Bureau Weather Garden. Those are winter, and grilling season. Sometimes you just have to grill, and you want to try something different. Grill a pizza. Yes, GRILL a pizza. It TMs super easy, and I think quicker than cooking one in the oven. I might also add the ~za, as we used to say back in Chicago, is very tasty. Kevin Novellino, owner of Brooklyn Boyz Pizza on Midland Street in Bay City, taught us how to grill a pizza in the Weather Garden.

You start with grilling the crust. You can make your own, or buy a premade crust. Kevin also says that most pizza places will sell you dough balls. Take the stretched out crust and put it right on the grill rack. It doesn TMt fall in! Two minutes on one side, and two minutes on the other. Get just enough cooking to make it look almost done.

The next step is to put the toppings on. Pull the crust off the grill to top it. This is where grilled pizza is a lot different from pizza in the oven. You need to go lightly on the toppings, or things will get ugly in a hurry. We made a pizza margherita, which was the original pizza served to Queen Margherita in Naples, Italy. It TMs toppings are tomatoes, basil, and cheese, thus giving the colors of the Italian flag. So we put a good amount of crushed plum tomatoes on the crust. Then large whole leaves of fresh basil. Both of these you can grow in your own Weather Garden! Finally some slices of mozzarella cheese. Put the pizza back on the grill until it TMs cooked enough for you. Watch the bottom of the crust because it can burn on the hot grill.

The last part I don TMt have to tell you how to do it. Chow down! But do you know what types of wine go best with the pizza. I TMm not a wine snob, so I say any wind you like.

But here TMs what a few wine sites say about wine and pizza:

I know you can find a lot of these wines at Oppermann TMs Cork ~N TM Ale in Saginaw.

If you are going to grill an extra pizza, you can always drop it off for your favorite meteorologist. Maybe it TMll get you a little more sunshine on a weekend.