Groundbreaking ceremony signifies growth in Saginaw

A groundbreaking ceremony Friday symbolizes a "rebirth" in the City of Saginaw.

"This is our 21st ribbon-cutting or grand breaking this year so far. For us it's just an exciting time for the whole county," said Amy Buben of the Saginaw Chamber of Commerce.

The dilapidated and crumbling buildings are taking on new life.

"It's time for this area to turn the page," said Martin Betz, CEO of Goodrich Quality Theaters.

Betz, surrounded by community members celebrated the groundbreaking of the brand new Goodrich Theater in Kochville Township.

The $12 million project will construct a brand-new theater and tear down the old building.

"We've got customers that have been coming for 30 years and we want to be able to give them a new experience," said Betz.

An experience that is a community-wide effort.

"It's very nice to see restaurants being built. The steak houses, the Buffalo Wild Wings. Those are our partners we like to see them come into town and they help us and we help them and hopefully we'll have more of that," said Betz.

The project is expected to be open by Christmas.