Group challenges newly-signed wolf hunting law

It got the governor's signature last month, but the bill that made the Michigan gray wolf a game species and allows wolf hunts is now being contested.

The Keep Michigan Wolves Protected group kicked off its campaign in Saginaw tonight.

The group says it wants to protect gray wolves from being hunted.

The bill Gov. Snyder signed cleared the way for the state's natural resources commission to allow a wolf hunt as early as this year.

Wolves are no longer on the endangered species list in Michigan.

â??The idea is to veto the language and take it back to where we were before, where wolves are a protected species and not hunted,â?? Jill Fritz, the groupâ??s director, said.

Keep Michigan Wolves Protected needs to get 200,000 signatures by late March to put a referendum on the ballot in the November 2014 general election.