Group fighting back against invasive species with DNR and new technology

Invasive species have been plaguing Michigan for decades now and according to the DNR we've been losing the battle since we can't find where each one is located.

Now Michiganders are able to fight back because, well, there's an app for that.

"Local residents can report these invasive species and upload it to basically a multi-state database" says Elan Lipschitz, Director of the Little Forks Conservancy.

Residents learning Wednesday night how to identify and report invasive species.

The DNR says even certain decorative plants can harm Michigan ecosystems...and need to be controlled.

"Babies Breathe which is used all the time in peoples floral arrangements and is sold at all sorts of stores is actually invasive to our dunes" says Tori Guerrini a watershed steward and member of the conservancy.

"We hate to say it's really bad, but we can't lose focus on this because what we have lost focus on have really overtaken what's out there" says Elan.

The conservancy is urging residents to join the fight with a handy tool, a free smart phone app.

The app allows people to identify any invasive plant, insect, or animal they see and report their exact location to the DNR.

"When you ask how bad it is, you can see how bad by going to these websites" says Elan.

To download the free app you can CLICK HERE.