Group of 'Real Life Super Heroes' to patrol Flint streets

"Bee Sting" is a part of the "Michigan Protectors." / Facebook photo

A bandit of masked crime-fighters will be patrolling the streets of Flint Saturday.

The local team, known as the Michigan Protectors, is a part of a world-wide movement called Real Life Super Heroes.

The heroes are made up of volunteer citizens from Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Indianapolis who travel crime ridden communities around the state, donning costumes and fighting off crime. There are groups like this popping up all across the country.

So what do these masked protectors of justice do? They say they merely observe and report illegal activities to the proper authorities, and only intervene in a crime when lives are at stake. Take a look at the group's youtube video below, and check out the "Real Life Super Heroes" website by clicking here:


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