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      Group of teenagers work to bring hope to Flint

      An area of Flint is getting a facelift this week, thanks to the helping hands of numerous youth groups.

      It's hard work in the hot summer sun, but a group of 20 teenagers is up to the challenge.

      "We're just doing some basic yard work but there's a lot of it,?? said Lilly Kratz, who came from Charleston, W.Va. She and other teenagers traveled from Virginia, West Virginia and Indiana to clean up Davison Road in Flint.

      "Just to clean up it's not that hard to make a small difference it all ads up to something big,?? said Miranda Hoar of Roanoke, Va. Likeith Saunders, also from Roanoke, said, "Parents are struggling, community as a whole is really tough so we thought we'd come up and give them a little hand."

      Throughout the week the youth groups will continue to serve, intending to bring hope to the lives they touch.

      "If you give people just a little bit of hope it can keep them going for a very long time,?? Saunders said.

      The teens will be in Flint throughout the week. They invite the community to join them at Flint??s First Wesleyan Church August 3 from 9:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. for a free meal and block party later that evening.