Gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer vows to repeal right-to-work law

It was a solid showing of members of the United Auto Workers union on Tuesday as the membership commemorated the Flint sit-down strike for the annual White Shirt Day.

"I just hope we can make a come back, Flint is a wonderful city,â?? says Geraldine Blankenship, who picketed back in 1937.

U.A.W. members like Blankenship who are supporting Mark Schauer, hoping he can lead a democratic comeback.

â??He's a people's person,â?? says Norwood Jewel, a regional director for the U.A.W.

The gubernatorial candidate is making a lot of promises including a repeal of right-to-work.

â??Governor Snyder cannot point to one job that's been created as a result of right to work,â?? says Schauer.

While Govenor Snyder says the law gives Michiganders more options.

â??Thereâ??s a slim-to-none chance that right to work gets overturned,â?? says Chris Douglas, economics professor at University of Michigan-Flint.

Thatâ??s because Republicans control the legislature. Schauer is also promising a minimum wage hike.

â??The minimum wage is more likely because I don't think it gets through the Republicans and the state government but a ballot initiative makes it more likely,â?? says Douglas.

Douglas says Snyder is the front runner but adds an endorsement from the U.A.W. is a big boost for Schauer.

â??The U.A.W. still has name recognition,â?? adds Douglas.