Habitat for Humanity, UM-Flint students unveil first 'work-live' home in U.S.

The first of six houses to be rehabilitated in Flint by college students was opened Saturday.

The Genesee County Habitat for Humanity along with a student group from the UM-Flint restored a home on 5th and Stockton streets. The so-called live-work home contains commercial space on the main level and living space upstairs.

A senior management student at UM-Flint says it's a way to help stabilize the neighborhood.

"It's going to provide the resident not only the opportunity to have affordable housing, but the opportunity to be a self-sufficient small business owner, and it's these types of entrepreneurial ventures that are really going to be the groundwork for flint's revitalization,â?? said Gannon Oâ??Reilly, presidents of the UM-Flint Entrepreneurs Society.

The residence will be home to Margaret Kato, who was active in Occupy Flint. She plans to open a photography business on the first floor.