Harsh winter leads to more potholes, less funds to fix them

Pothole is a word Michiganders hear often, and this year they'll hear it even more. Thatâ??s because this unseasonable winter is causing more damage to the roads.

"It isn't getting better, it's getting worse,â?? said James Hansen, driver.

Officials in Mid-Michigan say it's putting a strain on budgets.

"Given the harsh winter we're having right now we're expecting a worse than normal pothole season,â?? said Gregg Brunner, Engineer, MDOT.

"They are very bad. We got potholes everywhere,â?? said James Willis, driver.

Drivers are frustrated because see every time they drive down the road, they see this.

"It don't look like they doing nothing to them. They need to fix them up a little bit,â?? said Willis.

What MDOT is doing right now is using a mixture that patches the potholes. Then come spring, they will go back around and seal the holes with hot asphalt.

But, all this costs money which means other things get crossed of their â??to doâ?? list.

"Our number one goal is going to (be) keep(ing) the roadways safe out there. But we're going to look at other maintenance activity such as, possibly reducing some of our mowing, litter clean up, debris clean up, those kind of things,â?? said Brunner.

While no driver likes to hit a pothole James Hansen understands everything comes with a price tag.

"I think they'll do the best they can with the dollars they have,â?? said Hansen.

It won't be until late March or early April that MDOT starts sealing potholes with asphalt. But they will continue to patch the holes.

Drivers can report potholes they come across by going to MDOTâ??s website,