Have your phone check on your safety

A new, free service for your smartphone looks to help protect you by notifying an emergency contact if you don't check-in.

Kitestring is not an app, rather it uses your text messaging system. The user sets a check-in time with Kitestring. The system will then send a text message at that set time.

If the person that set up the notification doesn't reply within five minutes, Kitestring will notify the emergency contact.

Cathy Gurley, the Executive Director of "You Have the Power", a non-profit that helps crime survivors says that, "I see that as a very empowering tool for crime victims because part of what happens when a crime is committed is a loss of self-confidence and I could see this giving a lot of self-confidence back."

To find out more about Kitestring, and to sign up for the free service, just head to their website here.