Having a high efficiency furnace can give you more heat for your money

Saving money During the cold months on gas and energy will be more important than ever especially with the rising costs we continue to face. The home appliance that by far will make the greatest impact on saving wasted dollars is your home heating system. A 91% effective furnace means that 91 cents of every dollar spent with the gas company goes to good use in heating your home, while only 7 cents is lost out of your chimney. In Fact, High Efficient Furnaces no longer even need a chimney. They lose so little heat that they vent simply out the side of your home using plastic pipe.

It TMs estimated that with a 30+ year old furnace you could be wasting as much as 40% of your energy right out the chimney. With a furnace around 20 years old an estimated 20-25 % is being wasted. By waiting to an old gas guzzling furnace just because it is still running can cost you several hundred dollars in wasted energy expense just over one heating season. That is an incredible amount of money and waste. High efficiency furnaces have been around well over 20 years now and they are just as reliable as standard efficiency furnaces and most even offer lifetime warrantees. They are quiet and comfortable and can save you a ton of money even while you sleep. Heat pumps run off of electricity to provide cooling and heating.

Heat Pumps are another highly efficient option. In regions like here in Mid Michigan where temperatures regularly fall well below 30 degrees, air-source pumps collect and move indoor and outdoor heat and can be a very efficient option for saving on home fuel consumption vs. the high upfront costs are associated with a Geo-Thermal option. Energy efficiency and lowered operating costs are high among all the heat pump models. Savings are even more realized for homeowners that use propane as a gas source.

For NBC 25 and Goyette Mechanical, I TMm Rob Herman helping you keep a Healthy Home.