HAZMAT team at Owosso hospital after man ingests substance

The hospital has closed off traffic to ambulances.

*** UPDATE ***

The Owosso Memorial Hospital ER is back open to all emergency ambulance traffice and foot traffic and the HAZMAT situation has ended.

Hospital officials have told NBC25 that field tests have come back positive for potassium cyanide.

According to the Center for Disease Control, potassium cyanide is used in electroplating, and certain forms of fumigation among other uses.

â??We took every appropriate and valid precaution, and sought the advice of expert agencies as we monitored any potential risk,â?? says Bob Long, CEO of Memorial Healthcare.

â??Our primary reason for diverting ambulance traffic was to allow our staff, and those agency personnel, to focus on ensuring that a safe environment was maintained.â??

At this time officials say there has been no exposure to any individuals.

A criminal investigation of the individual is ongoing.

*** END UPDATE ***

*** UPDATE ***

Hospital President and CEO Bob Long spoke with NBC25's Ahmad Bajjey. He said that the hospital is still closed to ambulance traffic. The Emergency Room is still open to walk-in traffic, however.

The individual who ingested the substance is being held in isolation at the hospital as a precaution, according to Long.

The Shiawassee County Hazardous Materials team and the Owosso Fire Department are both on the scene at the hospital.

*** END UPDATE ***

HAZMAT teams were dispatched to an Owosso hospital this morning after a person was checked into the ER.

The individual, Owosso Memorial Healthcare officials say, may have ingested a dangerous substance. The hospital is concerned with "off-gassing." Off-gassing is what happens when a noxious gas is released.

The Owosso police tell NBC25 that a second HAZMAT team has been sent to the person's home as well.

The hospital is currently closed off to ambulance traffic, according to hospital officials.

The hospital is located on 826 W. King in Owosso.

NBC25 is continuing to speak with officials and will bring you more as information becomes available.