Hearing on Flint water rate lawsuit postponed

A Genesee County judge is set to decide whether to dismiss a lawsuit filed against the city of Flint.

City council president Scott Kincaid filed the suit last year, on behalf of city residents, against skyrocketing water and sewer rates. Rates have more than doubled since 2011.

Attorney Val Washington says their biggest concern is that cash-strapped taxpayers are paying for the city's daily operations through those rate hikes.

â??The citizens who paid their water bills that have been increased disproportionately are indeed funding general expenses,â?? Washington said.

City officials have said the water rate increases are in keeping with the increases passed on from Detroitâ??s increases. The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department supplies Flint's drinking water.

Chief Genesee Circuit Court Judge Richard B. Yuille was scheduled to hear arguments from attorneys representing both sides. The hearing was postponed to 9 a.m. Friday.

The city of Flint faces a $19 million deficit.