Heat and showers return Monday

It's going to get a little warm everybody.

First things first however, Northern and Western county residents will get some rain tonight.

The wave is being held at bay over much of the area, but not for you.

The heat returns with a warm front Monday, ushering in a line of showers and storms as well.

A very small percentage may be strong, but the risk is very low.

However, we need to keep an eye on it.

My guess is the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) will put a slight severe risk down towards the Ohio/Indiana/Michigan border.

Close enough to suggest we might get one or two strong boomers, but far enough away to suggest severe weather on a higher scale is unlikely.

My gut says maybe a stronger storm and that's about it.

REMEMBER: Thunder and lightning and wind DOES NOT mean a storm is severe; you can have thunderstorms without it being severe.

Beyond that point showers and storms remain through Wednesday morning on and off.

We cool down for just a little bit then jump again as we head towards next weekend.

Check out the video for the full forecast.