Heat complete with the big 9-0 on the way

There may be a lot of heat on the way but the first question is about the CRIM Festival of races.

No, there is no rain to expect for the races.

Partly cloudy and mild air for Saturday morning leaves us comfortable for the races.

Fog is expected in many areas both tonight and Saturday night.

Saturday night holds a lot more fog than tonight so be ready for a hard-to-see Sunday morning.

Monday, oh Monday.

The week is going to start hot.

I will admit it was a hard decision to make but after a lot of thought, and a burning in my eyes from constantly staring at computer models, I am bumping our high to 90 degrees.

Why? Because I believe the guidance forecasts are under predicting.

So we will be watching for heat on Monday and even more on Tuesday.

Showers and storms stay heavy through mid-week with the highest chances Tuesday and Thursday I believe.

Big cool down for Friday.

Check out the video for more info!