Heat Safety

Take it from these road workers...when the heat is should be top priority.

The onset of heat sickness can be subtle...if you start feeling dizzy, you are already facing heat exhaustion.

Nausea and muscle cramping are the final stages before heat stroke and at this point you must seek medical attention.

Across Mid-Michigan, residents are taking precautions.

Seek shade if you have to be outside.

Getting at least an hour in air conditioning can also help regulate your body temperature.

And the best thing is to avoid drinking anything except water.

Here are a few tips on staying safe in the heat:

-Drink plenty of water, stay away from caffeine and alcohol.

-Wear wide brimmed hats and light weight, light colored, loose fitting clothing.

-Stay indoors as much as possible.

-Never leave a person, or pet, alone in a closed vehicle.

-Wear sunscreen with a minimum SPF rating of 15.

-Watch for signs of heat exhaustion including dizziness, headaches, nausea, and muscle cramping.

-If you cannot get cool, and you feel yourself or another person getting worse, seek medical attention immediately.