Heat squelches outdoor activities

The oppressive heat is squelching many planned outdoor activities across Mid-Michigan.

It leaves many people looking for alternative ways to stay cool.

In Saginaw, the dog days of Summer are too hot, even for the dogs.

"We had to cancel our dog days of summer event tonight," said Stephanie Wirtz, outdoor recreation event coordinator for the Saginaw County Parks and Recreation Commission.

Rising temperatures and oppressive heat forcing the commission to forgo a night of fun for the dogs.

"I have a feeling some people may be upset because the dog event was canceled and I know there are other events that have had to make adjustments to their schedule as well," said Wirtz.

Flint Community Schools canceled most of the Flint Olympian Games Wednesday.

Thursday, all games are canceled except for the ice hockey competition.

The heat has also forced the Flint Institute of Arts to move its 'Music in the Park' series inside.

The concert will be held at the Whiting in Flint Thursday, July 18 at 7p.m.