Heat wave puts farmers on edge

The recent head wave and drought conditions have put farmers across the midwest on alert.

In Iowa and Illinois, the worst is feared and if farmers don't get rain soon they could lose 7 to 9 percent of their potential yield.

Here in Michigan, local farmers say all this could mean higher prices in stores.

"It's pretty dry right now here," said Kevin Mignault of Hewitt Farms. "

We've done fairly well with some rains recenty but, the forecast isn't showing the rain in the immediate time so it could get not as well as we'd like."

Farmers also say that crop insurance claims are rising.

However, the intenese heat has had little affect on another Michigan crop staple, wheat.

Farmers were concerned that an unusally warm spring followed by late freezes would cut down on the amount of wheat they could harvest but local producers says they are expecting to do well.