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      Heavy equipment and bulk salt are on the move for major winter storm

      Michiganders are pulling out the stops, upgrading to heavy equipment, and purchasing old man winter's biggest foe in bulk.

      "Rock salt, safety salts, fast hot melters," said Chemco store manager Debra Gleason.

      Up to one foot of snow is threatening the Tri-Cities. It's a job requiring a man sized snow shovel.

      "Most of that equipment is booked up and taken out for the season," said Evans Equipment employee Eric Davis.

      Evans equipment rental is running at full tilt. Most major machinery is already gone but homeowners and landlords are coming in to prepare for snow and below zero temperatures.

      "Renting a heater to defrost pipes under the house," said Kevin Evans.

      The rush for equipment isn't unfamiliar to Eric Davis. 2013's holiday ice storm had his crew working at the same pace.

      "And as soon as it come back it went right back out," said Davis.

      Employee's at Chemco say keeping stock is becoming the hardest job this winter.

      "Everyday we are having more salt brought in everyday. So we have gone through more in December than I couldn't tell you how many years," said Gleason.

      Despite booming business, customers say the seriousness of the weekend snow storm is yet to be seen.