Heavy rain flooding streets and parks

After heavy showers and severe storms hit Mid-Michigan, flooding is beginning to become a threat again.

The bad news is, there's more rain coming.

"It's a little scary and hectic out there on the roads" says Cathleen Arnold.

Flint residents are fed up with all the water and just want someone to turn off the tap.

"I'm high and dry so far but some might not be unfortunately" says Brian Striler who lives near Kearsley Park, which is under water.

"I actually left my windows open at work today so I found out just how much water can fall in half an hour" says Hank Reed as he looks at his car.

With so much rain the ground simply can't hold anymore water.

Instead, it is sitting beneath overpasses like one near Averill and Court in Flint.

Turning places along rivers and streams like Kearsley Park into lakes.

"It's getting up there, it's pretty high" says Brian.

"This is usually smaller and it usually has a little more room under the bridge, we don't need anymore water".

But despite the inconvenience the deluge is bringing, people like Hank are looking for a lighter side to all the rain.

"Just wear a bathing suit" says Hank with a laugh.