Heavy rains cause minor flooding across Genesee County

Rain, rain, go away. Thatâ??s what neighbors in Genesee County are saying after days of heavy rainfall. Two major local waterways, once again, are experiencing some flooding.

The floodgates are open and excess rain water is heading downstream, preventing any more flooding for now. Flint neighbors are pleading with Mother Nature to make it stop.

â??Itâ??s extremely out of control man. It's like you can't even walk outside no more. It be (sic) coming down in snow and rain,â?? says Jody Waite.

Over at Lowe's in Burton, assistant store manager Ed Volway is helping customers get the flooding under control.

â??Sometimes when you get the rainfall like this, there's nothing you can do,â?? says Volway. â??Just make sure you got a good high horse-power pump that's going to pump everything out of there,â?? he adds.

Dan says sump pumps are flying off the shelves. The store sold $8,000 worth of sump pumps in just one day.

â??Maybe we sell sump pumps, in a normal time frame, once or twice a week,â?? says Volway. "So, in one day, $8,000---that is a lot,â?? adds Volway.

Sales are slowing, and Flint neighbors are thinking warm thoughts, praying for sunshine.

â??Hopefully things get better. I'm telling you right now, I don't want the rain. I'm tired of it,â?? says Waite.

The flood warnings have expired for the Flint River and Kearsley Creek. The flood waters are receding, hopefully bringing some relief to mid-Michigan.