Hekmati family releases video asking for Amir's release

      Amir Hekmati has been imprisoned in Iran since August 2011.

      The family of Amir Hekmati has released a video asking for him to be released from prison in Iran.

      The video is on a website created by the Hekmati family to raise awareness about Amir's plight.

      Amir Hekmati was arrested by Iranian authorities last August, and accused of being a spy.

      Hekmati was sentenced to death in January, but the death sentence was overturned two months later.

      He remains incarcerated, and according to the posted video, Hekmati has lost a substantial amount of weight.

      Hekmati maintains his innocence, and says he was in Iran to visit family.

      His family lives in Flint Township.

      Amir graduated high school in Michigan.