Help reopen the Fenton Cinema

Steve and Teresa LaFountain of Kalamazoo are trying their best to bring back the Fenton Cinema.

The couple needs your help with funding in order to get the project going.

They are attempting to raise $1 million dollars in order to make a down payment on the property which has been closed since 2008.

If opened, the new Fenton Cinema will show first run movies at bargain prices back complete with new digital sound and projection! We plan to provide a clean, friendly atmosphere where families can enjoy movies and concessions without breaking the bank!

For more information about the project and to donate, click here.

If reopened, project will bring apporximately 36 new jobs to the area Fenton area including 4 Assistant Managers, 20 concession workers, 6 projectionists, 1 booth manager, 4 ushers and a manager for the party room/coffee and dessert bar.

Watch the above video or visit the Fenton Cinema 8 Facebook page to find out more.