Hemlock Semiconductor plant to lay off 100 employees

400 employee's will be laid off 100 of them right here in Michigan. Aside from an over supply in the polysilicon industry the potential threat of tariffs on its products sold in china.

News of hemlock's job cuts isn't a good sign for job seekers in Saginaw county.

"Hopefully some more jobs will open up somewhere around here soon because it's getting hard to find one now so i don't know what they are going to do,â?? said Thomas Township resident Zach Clayton.

The semiconductor group hasn't announced when cuts will be made. But the cuts are allowing the company to evaluate the longer-term effects of poor economic conditions.

"Might be down a little bit right now but it will be back,â?? said Thomas Township resident Mark Davis.

Despite some optimism hemlock says if market conditions persist...the company won't fill the positions.

"If all the jobs move away from here it's going to be hard finding more work," said Clayton.

Hemlock president Andrew Tometich says in a statement quote, "this is a difficult but necessary decision."

100 Michigan workers will feel the immediate effect of the cuts. But so will the surrounding community.

The polysilicon conglomerate has been supporting Thomas Township and the surrounding areas for more than 50 years.

"Infrastructure, the building, they pay for roadwork, water," said Davis.

And scholarships supporting youth working toward higher education.

"I got one of those so i don't know what the future is going to be for them if they don't get any," said Clayton.

Current employee's say they're waiting. Knowing they could be out of a job.