Heroes help children shop for Christmas presents

Its Christmas in Bay City and with the help of local law enforcement, Meijer is helping 50 children's Christmas dreams come true.

Local heroes helped children receive gifts they may not otherwise get this season.

"This is something they might not get usually, they can get their presents this year" says Ben Latocki, a Deputy with the Bay County Sheriff's Department.

"We filled Troy's whole list plus a couple extra things for everybody else".

Meijer gave each child $100 to spend.

Officers involved included the Bay City Police Department, Bay County Sheriff's Department, and the Michigan State Police.

Each child was paired with an officer who guided them through the store.

Toys were not the only gift the officers were giving.

"What happens here is that when they are partnered with an officer, the officer is mentoring the child, talking about life opportunities, asking about school, just mentoring them and guiding them" says Roger Dominowski, the Meijer store Director.

But the children also learned the idea that giving is just as important as receiving.

"So that others can also have presents too" says Troy Martinez, one of the shoppers.

A way of giving back that kept smiles on both the children's, and their new heroes faces.