High water on the Shiawassee River causing flooding

Flood waters rising in Owosso

Heavy rainfall has the Shiawassee River 1.5 feet above the flood stage.

"Can't get through, not walking anyway,â?? said Rudy Hansut, Owosso.

Rudy was taking his typically route through Owossoâ??s Harmon Partridge Park, but had to turn back around after seeing the water up over the bridge he typically takes.

"It's an inconvenience cause you can't go around the whole thing, but you make do with after rains like we've had,â?? said Hansut.

The flooding is so bad it has some roads in Owosso covered in water. Some drivers are taking their chances, but others are turning back around.

"I don't think I'm going to after seeing that,â?? said Bob Eldridgem Owosso.

â??You never know when there's going to be a sewer collapse or something underneath the water that you could not see that your car could drop into,â?? said Donald Crawford, City Manager, Owosso.

To stop people from driving through the water the city put up barricades.

"Anytime extra water gets under a vehicle that way it does damage to your vehicle,â?? said Donald Crawford, City Manager, Owosso.

But at home things are good for now. Although Rudy had to cut his walk short he says thankfully he doesn't have any water inside, but he's keeping a close eye on things.

"Sump pump runs pretty steady, I got one in back up,â?? said Hansut.

According to the National Weather Service, the water level on the Shiawassee River was above 8.5 feet Wednesday. Typically the river level is well below 7 feet.

The National Weather Service expects the water to start receding on the Shiawassee River by Thursday afternoon.