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      High winds do damage, knock out power, all over region

      A silo collapses in 50 MPH winds on Monday in Saginaw county

      Winds that gusted over 50 MPH at times this afternoon and early evening knocked out power to thousands and caused inconveniences as motorists tried to reach their destinations. In Clio, a power pole blew into Saginaw street, causing traffic to be diverted from the main road through a residential area, and knocing out power to many of the surrounding homes and businesses.

      One woman, from Holly, couldn't get gas. "I'm running out of gas in my motorcycle and I pulled into this gas station and there is no gas," said Jane Laque, "so I'm pushing it down the street it looks like."

      Power lines arced in the high winds and late this evening 3,000 people were still without power in the Genesee region, while 1,500 were in the dark in the Great Lakes Bay Region. In Saginaw county near Reese, high winds blew down a grain silo under construction. Nobody was injured.