Holiday brings extreme heat

Despite extreme heat across the area, people still turned out for Fourth of July festivities.

Luke McClure stopped by the parade in Birch Run after working the Volkslaufe Run in Frankenmuth. When asked how he was keeping cool, he responded, â??Iâ??m not. Itâ??s hot,â?? said McClure.

Temperatures did not stop the rock band contest at the Clio Ampitheater. 10 bands, competing for the title of best high school group in Genesee County.

â??We have lots of water and we are sitting people in the shade as much as possible," said event organizer Georgeann Ricketts.

Finding shade is how the Medical Response Team suggests you stay cool.

They also advise that you keep cool by keeping cold wash cloths handy, and quickly seek medical attention if you stop sweating or wanting to drink water.

"Drinking water, thatâ??s one thing I like to do even when Iâ??m not hot,â?? said McClure.

Bluebell Beach is another hotspot in Genesee County, Adam Miller spent the day there with his family and said he is thankful for the sunâ??s hot rays.

"I love it I really do. When itâ??s really hot you sweat a lot and loose some weight," said Miller.