Holly High School student confesses to setting fires on campus

A Holly High School student could be charged with arson after police responded to two fires Thursday.

Holly police and firefighters were dispatched to the school at 6161 E. Holly Road for a fire alarm. The school was evacuated and two fires were found burning on the second floor in garbage and recycling bins in the hallway. An investigation showed the fires were intentionally set with matches. A third fire in another garbage bin had been lit but burned out on its own. The fires were extinguished and no one was hurt. Damage was limited to the garbage and recycling bins.

A 10th grade Holly High School student was taken into custody after police reviewed surveillance video showing a juvenile setting the fires. School staff identified the suspect. Police say the suspect later confessed to starting the fires and is currently being held in Childrenâ??s Village of Oakland County pending a hearing in probate court Friday. The student could face three counts of arson, which is a 10-year felony charge.