Home Depot fixes up National Guard veteran's home in Flint

Home Depot volunteer paints the home of an Army veteran in Flint.

The Home Depot Foundation is doing their part to fix up the home of a local Army National Guard Veteran.

32-year-old Neal Ketterer recently returned home from serving overseas and his home was in need of some tender loving care.

That's when Team Depot, Home Depot's volunteers, stepped in with a force of more than 75 volunteer's to fix everything and anything they could.

Workers installed new carpet, lighting, windows and appliances. They painted the inside and outside of Ketterer's house. Volunteers also repaid the driveway and did some landscaping to give the home, on Ohio Ave in Flint, curb appeal.

Ketterer shares the home with this wife, 4-year-old son, and new born baby boy.

Ketterer says he's extremely appreciative of the work Home Depot is doing, "It's our job, but it would be nice if more things like this happened to veterans in need", says Neal Ketterer.

"These people take care of us", says Don Mandeville, Home Depot's District Manager, "They are customers of ours and we need to give back and that's why all these volunteers are here."

The volunteers are working as part of Home Depot's third annual Celebration of Service Campgain.