Home invasion victim becomes suspect after police find 168 pot plants

Daniel Sweet's home was broken into Thursday morning; he was robbed and shot at. But then the victim becomes the suspect when police find 168 marijuana plants. The people who robbed him are still on the run.

North Duffield Road in Flushing Township is typically a peaceful stretch of road.

"It's been a quiet neighborhood, didn't even know this was going on,â?? says Wayne Wheeler who lives down the street from Sweet.

So imagine neighbor's shock when they find out the house down the street is the scene of a shoot out and pot bust.

â??I knew him,â?? says Wheeler. â??He used to plow my driveway and stuff, borrowed tools from me and seems like a great person,â?? he adds.

Daniel Sweet has a license to grow marijuana but police discovered twice the amount Sweet is allowed to grow.

â??We also have to deal with him as a potential suspect,â?? says Robert Pickell, sheriff of Genesee County.

The two thieves were wearing bandanas when they broke in Thursday morning. Inside was Sweet, his girlfriend and her three teenage daughters.

â??The suspects ordered the three daughters into the room with the victim and his girlfriend, demanding money,â?? says Pickell.

The robbers went through a gun safe and took a long gun, some jewelry, a cell phone and six jars of marijuana. Then, Sweet got into his car and took off after the suspects.

The suspects then fired off at least seven rounds. One bullet went through Sweet's windshield, striking him in the forearm.

Sweet has been released from the hospital but he won't be getting his pot back Police took away 168 plants.

â??We don't want that in our neighborhood, cause that's what's going to happen. People are going to come around looking and if they get the wrong house, they might break into ours,â?? says Wheeler.

Sheriff Pickell says the teenage girls were able to get on Facebook and ask friends to call the police. Those girls will be removed from the home by Child Protective Services.

Charges against him are pending.