'Homeless' Toys for Tots uncertain about Christmas donations

<p>For decades, it has been the mission of the U.S. Marine Corp Reserve; collect and distribute toys for under privileged children. But now the charity is in need.</p>

Toys for Tots old home at the Dunlop Building is being rented out and they say that means less or no toys for needy kids in Bay County.

"There are some parents that this is their sole Christmas and the children would go without anything under the tree for them," said Toys for Tots Coordinator Jeff Jarvis.

Nicole Hawes is a Bay City resident who knows Christmas hardship.

"Me being a single mom I was concerned I wouldn't have, I just got back here, I was concerned I wouldn't have anything for my kids for Christmas," said Hawes.

Toys for Tots rescuing the mother of five's Christmas spirit at their previous location.

"To be able to give them something for Christmas is the greatest joy ever," said Hawes.

But without a building Toys for Tots is operating out of the United Way building and space is limited.

"We don't have a building to collect and sort our toys right now," said Jarvis.

But finding a building for Toys for Tots is difficult because they need a first floor building.

"Iâ??ve been looking for the last month and a half but havenâ??t had any success," said Jarvis.

Until a new home is found the donation boxes are continuing to fill and are being stored in Jeff Jarvis' person storage facility.

"We have we have 164 of them around the county," said Jarvis.

They need 2,500 square feet to keep helping families in need.

"I don't know what I would do because to me this is the best thing this county has to offer," said Hawes.

With most options exhausted like government buildings and old schools Toys for Tots is looking for local businesses to join in and make a difference.

To help out the approximate 2,500 Bay County children relying on toys for tots give the organization a call at (989) 892-8687.