Homeowner pays bills and house still gets auctioned

1267 W. St. Charles

A family puts nearly $20,000 into a home, making every monthly payment, and will still be evicted.

The homeowner says the company she used for a non-traditional mortgage didn't pay it's bills, and now she can't stay in her home.

"This is our life, not just our house," says Joy Lash.

For the last year and a half, she and her family have been calling their four-bedroom house a home, but in six months it'll be someone else's.

The house sold at auction Thursday morning for $73,000 because an untraditional mortgage company defaulted on its end of Lash's deal.

The Lash family bought the house from KMS Property Management investing $20,000.

"From my understanding, it's just a loss," says Lash.

NBC25 spoke with a detective from the Gratiot County Sheriff's Department who says he has completed an investigation on KMS and turned it over to the prosecutor. He also confirms the Michigan State Police also have an active investigation.

KMS is reportedly in default in at least two other counties. When NBC25 called, no one answered.

Lash says, "We are willing to work with somebody and do whatever it takes to stay in our house."

In hindsight, Joy Lash wishes she'd checked the title and hired a lawyer before making the purchase.