Homeowners clean-up after tornado

Tornado rips home from the ground.

The clean-up process is underway after a tornado ripped Kim Boots home off its foundation in Oregon Township.

Boots said video and pictures can't nearly describe being there Thursday, when it all went down.

"My son was on one side of me and my husband was on the other side of me. . . they were sheltering me," said Boots.

The family was unharmed.

This weekend, family, friends, neighbors and people just offering help took time to straighten what mother nature destroyed.

"We've had I don't know around 100-200 people. . . helping us get back to our lives," said Boots.

For hours in the hot sun, they pulled out mangled appliances from a slanted house, fished through a river full of personal belongings and laid it out on acres of property.

In a sea full of debris, you can imagine what still lies around her tornado stricken home.