Hope for the jobless, however skills are needed

Job seeker uses internet sources to find job openings

Job experts say there are companies hiring if job applicants are prepared.

They say regardless of what field you're in or what field you came from, you have to continually be developing yourself so that you make yourself more marketable.

Mark Proctor, business service representative at Human Investment in Flint says, "General labor, light industrial, manufacturing, there's a pool of a lot of things that are open right now."

Proctor had to put his additional skills in place because he was let go prior to the job he has now.

"I was a manager, so coming here and doing the business service rep. is a big advance. It's a change. It's not something I wanted to do, but I got into it and I love it," says Proctor.

"I want to be an administrative assistant," says Ronea Walker of Flint. She's going to college to improve her chances at getting the job she wants. "I never get discouraged. Something eventually will come up. I just keep looking and I'll find something."

The number one rule job experts say, "Don't be picky." They say take the job that comes to you and eventually you'll get the one you want.

Angie Paivarinta, retention specialist at Human Investment says, "There really are quite a few jobs out there, just be open-minded. Maybe look in different areas that they're interested in, learn new techniques, new occupations."

Angie worked in retail for 20-years then found herself looking for work. "It's a little challenging because you're used to doing one thing and you have your set skills in that field, however there are so many skills that you have in one field that can transfer to another."

She says abilities like communication skills and organizational skills are universal and can be vital to finding a job.

Job experts also say practice your interview answers prior to an actual job interview.

They say there will be a lot of openings soon in retail with the holiday season approaching.