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      Horror Convention invades Flint

      A horrifying event is bringing hundreds to downtown Flint. NBC 25??s Josh Marshall survived to tell the story.

      ??Ari Lehman the first Jason Vorhees from Friday The 13th, and you are here at the Flint Horror Con,?? said Lehman.

      For the second year the Flint Horror Convention is celebrating the stranger parts of life.

      "It's this part of life that is god given that allows us to be strange each and every day if you want to celebrate Halloween,?? said horror author Lucifer Fulci.

      This year??s convention headlines the man who started the Jason Forhees saga.

      "We deal with life and death and good and evil and eternal questions,?? said Lehman.

      Although evil wasn??t without opposition. A group of horror con goers answered the call.

      "We've got our packs we got some side arms a couple traps with us. Sonic screwdrivers the whole thing,?? said Ghostbusters Jason Bierman and Tank Murphy.

      "You know he's got the proton pack and a nuclear accelerator and I 've got my trap so were ready to rock,?? add their accomplices Michael Brewer and Ethan Nygma.

      Vendors from Michigan and surrounding states selling items to those who dare to enter.

      "Fairytales are based on reality and reality is based on fairytales, confronting death that's what it's about,?? said Lehman.

      While others find more meaning to the spooky holiday.

      "The sound, the music, and a nice payoff like everybody dies,?? said salesman Jerry Shirts.

      Regardless of what spooks you, this years Horror Convention is a spine chilling success.