Hot grease attack victim refuses to testify against boyfriend

You made her say that! I will report you, 35-year-old David Ketchum yelled at police as deputies escorted him out of a Saginaw courtroom Friday morning.

He says police made his girlfriend blame him for a violent attack at his Saginaw home in February.

This just moments after a judge ruled he will stand trial on six counts. Police say Ketchum nearly beat his 24-year-old girlfriend Tana Emerson to death in February at his Saginaw home.

The decision comes in spite of Emerson TMs testimony.

When she took the stand she said she could not remember any of the attack or the events that took place before it happened.

This is in conflict with statements she made to police.

The prosecution played a recording police made during an interview, in which Tana Emerson says, David threw a can of hot grease at me| I have burns over 30% of my body| he also hit me with a crowbar in the head| fracturing my skull.

As the recording played, Ketchum mouthed the word, Fabrication.

Ketchum remains in jail on one million dollars bond.