Hottest toy this Christmas?

Controller fits on smart phone

"Black Hawk down. This chopper is in trouble". That's what you may be saying about a unique new toy helicopter. The controller for the device fits on your smart phone. The Helo Touch Controlled Helicopter sells for about $50.00.

Verizon's website says you can "rule the office airspace with HELO TC, the touch-controlled RC helicopter you control with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android device. Download the free app, load your device into HELO TCs Flight Deck and you're ready to fly indoors in either of two ways:

  • Touch Control - Use a virtual joystick on your Multi-Touch display or touchscreen to maneuver the chopper.

  • Tilt to Steer - Tilt your device to move the chopper forward, backward, and side to side.

  • Use the app to record and store up to three Flight Plans so you, or another pilot, can easily repeat a favorite flight pattern. Make up routes among the furniture, missions to fly, obstacles to avoid, goals to acheive, and replay them later with your friends.

Mike Jingles of Verizon Wireless Saginaw took on NBC 25's Jared Smith in a helicopter race in the hallway of our station. Smith says they are hard to navigate. Jingles won by a wing, after throwing the toy across the finish line. It's clear they can take a lot of wear and tear. Station management will determine whether Jingles should be disqualified from future helicopter races.

Verizon information on the story: