Houses cheaper than cars in Flint

      Purchasing your own home or buying a vehicle means you've accomplished something. It's part of the American dream. But if you have only one option, would y ou choose to buy a brand new car or put money down on a home?

      Lon Keeley a Sales Manager at Randy Wise says, "It's disheartening. I have cars where you can buy two of them for 14,000."

      MSNBC is reporting that it's cheaper to buy a home than it is a car in some cities. Detroit tops the list, with Flint coming in second.

      "Flints kind of got a bad rep so the housing market has dropped tremendously" , says local real estate agent Ron Melchor.

      He adds, "most people are looking to pay cash and be done. You can get a house for 5000 dollars. You can pick up a car for 200 a month of an suv for 300 dollars a month."

      Their reasonings are high unemployment rates and crime. Cities in Florida, Indiana, and Ohio are also hurting because of the rocky housing market as well.