How safe are carnival rides in Michigan?

Visitors enjoying the rides at the Grand Blanc Family Fun Fest.

Summer festival season is just getting underway and that means kids and adults will be hopping on carnival rides but have you ever wondered just how safe they are?

There are accidents every year involving these rides, usually because of human error or equipment failure.

We spoke to the company operating many rides this weekend in Mid-Michigan as well as state inspectors.

Arnold Amusements of Traverse City says employees do daily inspections. Their insurance company, the state, and the federal government also do inspections. The company says inspectors notice even the smallest detail.

â??If there is a light bulb that's not in there. It's missing or it's just not burningâ?¦down to every single pin,â?? said Joey Even with Arnold Amusements.

The company says 70 to 80 percent of injuries are caused by rider error, like someone not holding on properly or following the safety instructions.

â??There's always some risk but it's really not muchâ?¦using Michigan statistics the chance of being injured on a ride is about one in two million,â?? said Mark Doman, Manager of Ski and Amusement Safety for the State of Michigan.

Doman says there are ways to reduce your risk. He recommends watching the ride cycle through a few times so you know what youâ??re getting into. Make sure you stay in the position required by the ride and hold on. It is also crucial to follow all safety instructions including height and weight restrictions.

Arnold Amusements is operating the rides for the Grand Blanc Family Fun Festival and the Davison Festival of Flags. Both events wrap up on Sunday.