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      How to build a fire pit

      For less than $200.00 you can transform your boring backyard into a great place to gather with family and friends. The manager of the Mundy Township Home Depot, Jonathan Reid says why not add a fire pit.

      He gave us a demonstration on NBC 25 Today. Jon says start with a flat surface away from trees and other flamables. Then pick up some bricks and pattern them in circle. In between each layer, add some adhesive. Place a fire pit grill on the top and you have a backyard fire pit.

      Home Depot stores in the Flint, Saginaw, Bay City and Owosso areas will demonstrate how to install a fire pit at noon on Saturday right inside their stores.

      Or go here: http://howto.homedepot.com/videos/watch/1449153908001/How-to-Use-Rumblestone-Building-Materials-to-Make-Your-Own-Fire-Pit-and-More-The-Home-Depot.html

      Sitting around a camp fire is a great way to relax in your own backyard.

      Don't forget the bug spray!