How to cool off in the hot weather

So you say it's hot your house? There are some new solutions, but all of these involve some cash.

Jonathan Reid, the manager of Home Depot on Hill Road in Mundy Township says it has a variety of solutons to beat the heat. One of the coolest is a device that can cool and heat.

It's stand-alone heater/air conditioner that even has it's own remote control. It's a bit pricey at $650.00, but it's perfect for apartments and certainly less than installing a new furnace or whole-house air conditioner.

Yes, they have fans: all shapes, sizes and budgets. The new feature again is remote control. Why get up off the couch when you can flip button and voila: cool air. Hey afterall, we need another remote! (lol)

They even feature a spray to clean your current air conditioning coils. And filters, too.

Stay cool!