How will a government shutdown affect you?

If the government does shutdown, it will be the 17th time since 1977. Non-essential government employees will be furloughed. Some services like tax collection and the US postal service will continue.

â??It's going to vary an awful lot with agencies,â?? says Paul Rozycki, a political science professor at Mott Community College. â??Some agencies have got a little bit of reserves,â?? he adds.

Those agencies include Flint's federal court. The lights will stay on for at least 10 days without any government funding.

â??Others have got no reserves and they'll shut down first thing Tuesday morning,â?? says Rozycki.

Michigan's Sleeping Bear Dunes will shutdown and start kicking out campers if the government shuts down.

â??If it goes on for a while and it did go on for 21 days back in 1995, we could see other departments closing down,â?? says Rozycki.

Except for the social security office and neither rain, nor sleet, nor a government shutdown will stop the post office.

â??You'll get your social security checks, the mail will be delivered but you'll find the services for most departments are slowed down,â?? says Rozycki.

Community groups funded by the government like Lindenâ??s senior center will have some services cut off.

â??It wouldn't shut them down,â?? says David Lossing, mayor of Linden. â??It would shut down our ability to draw funding down to support their needs and that could have a huge impact on providing meals as well as programming for that age population,â?? he adds.

A government shut down could be avoided if Congress comes up with a deal by midnight Tuesday.