Humane Society will help Flint with dogfighting problem

A Humane Society poster offering a 5,000 reward for tips that catch dogfighting.

Dead dogs are being found dumped in Flint, raising concerns about dogfighting. A national animal advocacy group is reaching out to help local police crackdown on this problem.

Officials in Genesee County say they do not have the resources to investigate every case.

Animal advocates want more done to stop dead dogs from being discarded in Flint.

The Humane Society of the United States says it is working to provide training and resources to the Genesee County Sheriffâ??s Department and the Flint Police Department.

â??We don't have enough support. We don't have the man power to go in there and get these rings,â?? said animal advocate LeAnn Earns.

Police and animal rights groups say more people need to report dogfighting and not look the other way.