Hundreds gather to protest Public Act Four

Pastors from around the state along with more than 100 people gathered outside Flint City Hall to protest Public Act Four.

The rally comes two weeks after Flint Pastor Dr. Reginald Flynn, of Foss Avenue Baptist Church was arrested inside city hall. He was there protesting Flint Emergency Manager Mike Brown's proposal to hike city service fees.

Rev. Flynn says Monday rally is not about his arrest but about what he calls a violation of voters' rights.

He specifically pointed out Brown's proposal to increase the city's water rate by 25% and the hiring of a public safety chief.

"In the city of Flint, the record needs to show that the citizens spoke up and were fighting against are rights being taken away from us," said Pastor Flynn.

Other speakers at the rally went on to say that Public Act Four targets cities that have a majority of African-American residents.

Protesters say they will hold another rally in two weeks.

Mike Brown did not make a comment on the rally.