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      Hundreds of Burton businesses behind on personal property taxes

      Hundreds of Burton businesses are behind on personal property taxes.

      Burton Mayor Paula Zelenko says a little more than 280 businesses are behind on personal property taxes. She says the city is owed nearly $150,000 altogether from those businesses. Zelenko says the city is owed another $670,000 in delinquent taxes that date as far back as 2005.

      "It's our fiscal responsiblity to collect these taxes," said Mayor Zelenko.

      Zelenko says she's not sure how these businesses were allowed to fall so far behind.

      "I think it's (Burton) like any other place, you get shorthanded and there's so much work to do. It surprised me that we had that many (businesses) that are that far behind."

      Zelenko says a portion of those personal property taxes goes toward schools, libraries and public safety.

      The city is not releasing the names of the businesses that are delinquent on personal property taxes. Zelenko says she would like to try and work out a payment plan with them.

      "The last thing we want to do is go in and seize their property and probably put some out of business."

      Zelenko says some business owners have already come forward to try and pay up.

      City officials into legal options.