Hundreds turn out for Turkey Trot in Flint

It's been a tradition for the last 52-years and Thanksgiving Day 2009 was no different.

Runners tied up their running shoes for the annual Turkey Trot Race in Flint.

Hundreds of families were out bright and early hitting the pavement at the Mott Park Golf Course for the event.

In years passed record numbers of people would run but recently there's a been a dip in participation.

rganizers are hoping to get more people involved once again.

"Of course the parents are hopefully being involved by just bolstering and getting them more involved as the kids grow older and like these kids here today, they have their little metals and trophies and it's great and hopefully when they get older they'll continue the tradition," said Athletic Director Jamie Foster.

The Turkey Trot has been a Thanksgiving tradition since 1957.