Hurley & Nurse settle racial discrimination suit

Tonya Battle, the nurse at the center of the first racial discrimination case against Hurley Medical Center, has settled with the hospital. The terms of the settlement have not been released but both sides say they came to an amicable agreement.

â??The situation in the neonatal ICU is not consistent with Hurley's policies,â?? says Melany Gavulic, CEO of Hurley Medical Center.

Battle stood with her employer as they announced a settlement in the racial discrimination case which erupted last week.

â??It was just unbelievable. I was dumbfounded,â?? says Battle. â??I couldn't believe that someone would be making that request,â?? adds Battle.

Battle filed suit with her employer of 25 years after a father allegedly asked that no black nurses take care of his son.

â??I felt like i was taken back in time,â?? says Battle.

Battle and her lawyer say they're now moving forward. Hurley officials say they'll use Battleâ??s experience to make sure discrimination doesnâ??t take place at Hurley again.

â??Tonya has accomplished what she wanted. She wanted to speak out about something that was wrong and now Hurley Hospital has done the right thing,â?? says Julie Gaftky, Battleâ??s attorney.

â??This was much bigger than just me. It snowballed and it not only affected our local community but across the nation as well,â?? says Battle.

Battle says she'll keep working at the hospital and she's glad this is all behind her.