Hurley Medical Center begins partnership to combat discrimination

A 5-year agreement has between Hurley and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was announced today.

The EEOC will conduct non-discrimination training for all Hurley staff each year and will examine any progress made to see if more needs to be done.

Earlier this year a white father reportedly demanded no African-American nurses treat his newborn baby.

4 nurses filed discrimination lawsuits after a Hurley staff member allegedly posted a note with the father's instructions.

The nurses' union says its happy with the direction the hospital is taking, saying it's confident that these steps will stop any future discrimination.

"I think with the EEOC we've done diversity training, sensitivity training, that sort of thing here" says Barry Fagan, President of the Registered Nurses Union.

"Its very aware in the employee workplace especially since it has been covered and out in the news and such, but they have done a lot of training".

All but one of the lawsuits has been resolved.